Urwerk 100 Watch Replica UR-100V IRON

Urwerk 100 Watch Replica UR-100V IRON


New swiss Urwerk watches inspiration from space shuttle companies control

The simulation dial and display of the NASA space planes for flight 40-year-old have stimulated a new appearance of a new avant-garde clock.

UR-100V P.02 Watch was unveiled on Tuesday (July 20), combined with luxury Swiss watch producer Urwerk's unique way to show the time of flight deck of space shuttle companies. The watch is the partnership between Urwerk and the collective clock, and the Wats Watch Lovers Club, Silicon Valley, with New York's Yuxin, Air and Space Museum, showcase the retired business.

"I know that they want to make a typical space shuttle in black and white, just like a heroic Eric Bresa Airlines Cecrection, said the joint founder and Chief designer of Urwerk." I can see that the instrument [Enterprise] is the inspiration of Martin. "

"I am a faithful fan of the cockpit and its musical instrument," Frei said. "I can act as a aesthetic language, this is not just in the pilot service. For me, it is really a style."Jacob Co. Astronomia Casino AT160.40.AA.AA.A

The appearance of the UR-100V P.02 may be initially seen by any other watch you have seen before, unless you are already familiar with FREI. Instead of traditional fingers to a set of dial-up single digital tags, Urwerk's time meter uses track satellites an hour, indicating minutes and other data with hand.

"I hope people think that when they look at it is a thing, it is bold," Frei said. "When you have an object from everyday life, you look different - time indication - show you something different in some way. It can look different, but it can also use different ways, it Can work differently, it can transport and transport you to space. "

Early UR-100 models use a men watches cheap mechanism to indicate the location of the earth in the solar system. For UR-100V P.02, wearer can feel the things that take the space shuttle into the track and return to the landing runway.

Urwerk's new UR-100V P.02 Wristwatch and Collaboration of Collaboration Watches, Air and Space Museums in New York, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Aerospace Aircraft Program.

"You have these two additional horizontal instructions on both sides. We use the space and the other side of the trip, back to the earth," Frei said.

In addition to providing a minute guide, these apertures also show the general position of the aerospace aircraft for each stage of the launch and the landing (vary from the missing time). The green marker represents the spacecraft while still on the earth. Blue shuttle expressing through the earth or lower atmosphere. Red symbolizes the time in the high-rise atmosphere in low earth tracks and black specified space.replica nice watches

"When you master P.02," Boms said: "Your impulse immediately watched the hour complications. When you look at the typical launch sequence through the space plane, you can really consider seven sitting in the top of the rocket. It must be like this for a few minutes. "

The manual accompanying the UR-100V P.02 not only introduces how to read and use a watch, but also some details of the shift mission.

Urwerk's UR-100V P.02 Wristwatch inspired the flying license for space aircraft companies, as shown in the ocean, air and space museums inscribed.

"We like and think is exciting, a watch is a creative canvas that can be told the story. We don't like to watch the designer, but because our marketing background, we think he is a storytener," asher Rapkin said, who has established a collective clock with Gabe Reilly.best Breitling Endurance Pro

UR-100V P.02 residues to NASA Space Aircraft Plan for ten years, the plan to reach space for the first time in 1981. 10 years ago, the 135th task returned from space, on Wednesday (July 21).

Specially used for sales to collective watches and is limited to $ 20, each price is $ 62,500, and sales UR-100V P.02 will also help ensure space shuttle companies can be firmly brought by courage. The next few years.

"Official authorized dealers, we and goldsmith complications will donate $ 100 from the project's benefits to help intRepid Museum to help ensure that the business's brave and innovative stories will be told from the generation," La Jin said.cheap Breitling watches

"I am very happy to help bring P.02 to life," Boehm said, "From the company's cockpit instrument to shoot design inspiration, help tell the story of some of the most dramatic moments of the shuttle program."

Urwerk's UR-100V P.02 watches use colors on any side of the aperture to approximate the location of the space shuttle in typical emission and landing.

URWERK's UR-100V P.02 watches are dedicated to collective watch members. Some gains will be donated to Intepid SEA, AIR Space Museum continues to show aerospace companies.https://www.chronowrist.ru

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